Deployable bases - cover photo


The Gaptek deployable Bases comprises the principal structural characteristics of the hangars with great spans and habitable modules. There are composed by a high resistance aluminium structure, which provides a full equip spaces with a reduced assembly time and the capacity of be adapted in different scenarios.

Deployable bases - render - Gaptek


  • Roof area 3.000 m2
  • Habitable Surface area between 2 storey height 2.400 m2
  • Dim. Modules 2,4 x 2,4 x 3 m
  • Height up to 3 stories high


  • Offices
  • Sleeping quarters
  • Bathrooms



Material quality: Great strength and lightness.

Assembly time: Four times faster system than conventional construction system.

Ease of transport: Gaptek buildings components can be stowed in 20 ft. ISO containers for global transport.

Ease of assembly: Gaptek buildings can be assembled by a non-specialist personnel, without heavy machinery.

Adaptability: All the components and buildings are designed by Gaptek so as to adapt to costumers needs.

Insolation: Gaptek insulation makes the buildings high energy-efficient, provides more uniform temperatures throughout the space and has a minimal recurring expense.


  • High-resistance alloy aluminium structures
  • Envelope: Single reversible tensile fabrics
  • Ceiling and facades: Polyurethane panels and mineral wood
  • High resistance steel cables
  • Assembly and disassembly system without complex means
  • The system can be assembled by a non-specialist personnel
  • Packaging in 20 ft. ISO containers
  • Wind live loads: up to 140 km/h
  • Forged overload > 300kg/m2
  • Applicable standards: Spanish Standards and Eurocodes for buildings
  • Ce marking according to En-1090 in relation to aluminium and steel structures


  • Fire resistance: up to REI 60
  • Ballistic protection
  • High efficiency air cooling system
  • Geothermal system
  • Clearance lamps
  • Ground connection
  • Assembly tools
  • Bridge crane
  • Kit Hurricane
  • Anchoring kit without cement
Deployable bases - low floor - Gaptek


Deployable bases - first floor - Gaptek



Dressing room:

  • Cloakroom
  • Toilet area
  • Note: The average illumination will be 150 lux with water light luminaires. Dressing room ventilation and toilet area will have natural ventilation, but it will forced ventilation with air renewal.


  • Study
  • Office
  • Boardroom
  • Waiting room
  • Office
  • Cleaning
  • Multi uses room (Meeting room, Classrooms, etc.)
  • Note: Studies and office illumination, as well as the meeting room, will have minimum light of 500 lux, with an emergency lighting.


  • Tatami 10×10
  • Machine area
  • Note: The free minimum height in the gym area is considered by 3.50 metres. Additionally, it is available an air cooling system.

Armory and CIS room:

  • Office technical workshops
  • Storage equipment
  • Server room
  • Note: All stay staff areas will contain air cooling systems. The CIS room will have a forklift for material. The entire module is shielded.


25 September, 2018
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