Gaptek is a company specialized in aluminum construction of rapid deployment buildings such as hangars, large span buildings, warehouses and modular architecture.

We have different product lines suitable for different environments and needs. We have extensive experience in design, engineering, production, installation, maintenance and, above all, integral management, always with the aim of reducing costs and time.

Our mission is to supply buildings with the characteristics of a tradictional construction but with the particularity and main feature that all Gaptek products are deployable, removable and relocatable.

Our product line is: MRO hangars, Rural Habitat Support Service, Modular Equipment, Warehouse and Military hangars.


The main purpose of Gaptek and its management team is to design a competitive modular product, reducing the time of fabrication and assembly by using brand-new equipment and material technologies. The concept of Gaptek modular architecture is the answer to customer’s specific and personal needs. Also, this system enables easy and straightforward assembly and disassembly in another application.


Tomás Feliu


Is electronic engineer and has extensive experience in technical and industrial enterprises as high business executive.


Jordi Vinyoles


Is an architect and owner of the JVM architecture firm in Barcelona. This firm has over 25 years of experience.


Jordi Lacambra


Is a civil engineer and manager and co-owner of the company Nolac Enginyers, SA.


The Gaptek system aims to match the requirements of each client. The module structures are the solution as it does not require a constant adaptation for the customer. Therefore, quality, flexibility, durability, efficiency as well as profitability are features of extreme importance in all of our designs. The modular system clearly adapts to the legislation of town-planning regulations in every country.

asistencia personalizada


In Gaptek we have an own engineer team, who works to adapt our projects to the requirements needed in every case. The criteria of design for the development of Gaptek product are summarized in:

• Can be mounted, disassembled and reassembled

• Easy assembly

• Sustainable

• Energy efficient

• Minimal maintenance

• Warehouse for intermodal transport and ISO containers of 20 feet



Gaptek system allows building process to be done by a construction team without having non-technical knowledge and with simple assembly machinery, being required the supervision of a Gaptek technical. The fastness and the security of the assembly are the two key points in our product.

assembly aircraft hangar


We have a laboratory-manufactured of R+D located in Banyoles (Girona), where the warehouse and logistics are found. Our locations are located in Barcelona and Madrid, being the first our headquarters.


We are currently present in 11 countries across 5 continents: Spain, Afghanistan, Belgium, Central African Republic, Haiti, Kenya, Mexico, South Sudan, Chile, Ecuador and Antarctica.

Gaptek international presence



25 September, 2018
clínica modular

A clinic built with Gaptek structures in South Sudan

Gaptek structures were assembled in South Sudan, in a remote area under extreme climate conditions.  We would like to share with you the following article about the experience of the […]
19 September, 2018


Gaptek announces its attendance, for the second year running, to the international MRO Europe – Aviation Week 2018. The event will take place from the 16th to the 18th of […]
8 June, 2018

Gaptek will assist at Eurosatory in the Spanish Pavilion, Hall 5 – Booth#H433

Eurosatory 2018 will take place from the 11th to the 15th of June in Paris, France. The event is celebrated every two years, gathering international audience, including visitors, exhibitors and […]
22 May, 2018
gaptek offices

“Joining Nolac Enginyers and Gaptek in the same workspace will help us increase our synergies”

We would like to share the article that has been published today, May 22nd 2018, in La Vanguardia, a Spanish newspaper, about the union of Nolac Enginyers and Gaptek in […]
16 May, 2018
ADM sevilla Gaptek

Gaptek will participate in the Aerospace & Defense Meetings in Sevilla

The fourth edition of Aerospace & Defense Meetings in Sevilla which is the most relevant B2B event in Spain dedicated to the aeronautics and defense sector will take place in […]
7 May, 2018
Gaptek turkish airlines

GAPTEK announces the award of the construction of a 32,000 sqm cargo facility for Turkish Airlines

The cargo facility will be located in the Istanbul New Airport (IGA) and it will be used for cargo operations by Turkish Airlines (THY) Cargo. It will have its opening […]
11 April, 2018
ultra-light module - Gaptek

Presentation of ultra-light module version

The ultra-light module is a project that is being developed in the call “Collaboration Challenges 2016” in order to support cooperation projects between companies and research organisms. The call is […]
23 March, 2018
Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector Phase II

Success in the presentation of Gaptek system at Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector Phase II

Gaptek has given a presentation in the Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector Phase II (CF SEDSS II), which took place in Tallinn, Estonia, from […]
13 March, 2018
Engine assembly center

Gaptek and Acciona Construcción complete an engine maintenance center

The implementation of an engine maintenance center in Zaragoza, Spain has been performed by Gaptek through a joint venture with Acciona Construcción. Gaptek has performed through a joint venture with the […]
1 March, 2018
Habitable module - Energysis

Progress in the development of Energysis project

The appropriate technologies allow the buildings to be provided with the necessary energetic conditions to be shaped into an “energetic island”. The Renewable Energies Development Centre (CEDER) of Lubia (Soria, […]
30 January, 2018
Aircraft shelter Gaptek buildings

Gaptek supplies a new shelter

Gaptek has successfully provided a shelter for aircrafts launching to the Spanish Air Force´s Logistic Support Command. The shelter, as all Gaptek products, is mountable, demountable and relocatable elsewhere thanks […]
15 November, 2017
Aidex event gaptek

Gaptek has attended the Aidex Event 2017

The Aidex event 2017 theme will be ‘Aid and Development Effectiveness: Results through transparency and accountability’.   This year Gaptek has had the pleasure to attend the Aidex Event 2017, […]
21 September, 2017
MRO aviation

Gaptek has attended MRO Aviation Week Europe in London – Booth #1559

Gaptek has proudly attended the MRO Aviation Week Europe in London from October 3rd to 5th.  The main purpose of this event that joins 7,000+ attendees is to build relationships […]
18 September, 2017
Modular Warehouse - gaptek

Reaching the Antarctica with our modular warehouse

At Gaptek, there are no borders. We are expanding our presence in the world by supplying our products wherever they are needed, even if it’s in the most unique continent […]
23 May, 2017
Paris Air show - Gaptek

Meet us at International Paris Air Show – Booth 326 | Spanish Pavilion

It is our great pleasure to announce that this year Gaptek will aid in the International Paris Air Show, from 19th to 25th June 2017 as part of the Spanish […]